Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations: Tips to Remember

Thinking of renovating your kitchen and bathroom but not sure where to start? Here are a few tips and tricks to remember by Melbourne kitchen Designer. Read on…

● Choose a color scheme. If you’re not someone who likes experimenting with colors, you can opt for a neutral color palette or stick to the white and off-white basics to have it work with the color palette of the rest of the rooms in your home.

● Create a checklist and keep track of your expenses. List down the absolute essentials you can’t do without and list down their approximate price. This will help you with the budgeting part of it and you can be sure you won’t go overboard with the renovation.

● Assess your current space if you are planning to reconstruct the entire area. Keep in mind your priorities- are you trying to make your space more usable and functional or is it mainly about sprucing up the way it all looks.

● Create a list of the issues you had with your previous design and see if your new design and the way your kitchen or bathroom is going to be will fix all those issues. How long will it take and how much will it cost? Create an approximate value to work around with.

● Think ahead in terms of value. Choose materials that are eco-friendly whenever possible, and think about the long term durability of the materials your contractor or designer will be using.

● Reuse stuff whenever possible. When breaking down and removing all the old cabinets and other essentials, you may find some materials or pieces that could prove to be useful as building blocks for the new project. Don’t hesitate to use those.

● Avoid buying all fittings, fixtures and hardwares piece by piece yourself. See if you could get your contractor or designer to source it for you and include it as a part of his contract and package. That will help you save a little extra there.

● Also consider the resale value of the products and materials that you’ll be using for the renovation project, especially if you are picking something that is over the top expensive or is a luxury item that you’re planning to splurge on.

● Keep it consistent. Make sure all the fixtures and fittings are in a consistent shape, texture and look. This again, can be achieved better if you’re buying them all together or asking your designer to source it for you.